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Curry In A Hurry
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Curry In A Hurry Menu Price For etc.

Curry In A Hurry Combo`s Menu and Prices 2022
curry served over rice and 1 veggie, naan and soda. Upgrade to a mango juice or vimto for just $0.75
Lamb Curry Combo$7.35
Chicken Curry Combo$7.35
Thandoori Chicken Combo (oven baked chicken)$7.35
Veggie Combo (your choice of any 3 vveggies)$7.35
Mege Combo (every curry item served with rice and naan and soda)$10.95
Half and Half Combo (2 meat item and your choice of 1 veggie cuury served with rice, naan soda)$8.35
Curry In A Hurry Drinks Menu and Prices 2022
Lussi (half milk, half yogurt sweetened shake)$2.75
Mango Lussi (half milk, half yogurt sweet shake with mango pulp)$2.75
Rooh - Afza in Milk (a refreshing sweet aromatic rose sherbet drink)$2.50
Rooh - Afza in Ice Water (a refreshing sweet aromatic rose sherbet drink)$2.00
Chai (hot Indian tea)$2.00
Mango Juice$1.25
Bottled Water$1.00
Curry In A Hurry Pakistani Items Menu and Prices 2022
Veggie Wrap Combo (veggie wrap, 1 samosa or 2 popadoms and a soda)$5.25
Veggie Wrap (veggie curries over rice in a hot naan)$3.75
Samosa (a deep fried turnover stuufed with potatoes, peas and onions)$0.75
Popadom (thin, flavored tentil chip)$0.50
Mango Chutney$0.50
Mango Pickle Chutney$0.50
Habenero (xtremely hot minced pepper)$0.50
Curry In A Hurry Side Orders Menu and Prices 2022
side orders do not come with rice or naan
Side of Lamb Curry$4.00
Side of Chicken Curry$4.00
Side of Veggie Curry$4.00
Thandoori Chicken Plece (each)$1.25
Side of Rice$1.25
Curry In A Hurry Single Plates Menu and Prices 2022
single serving of curry over rice with naan. Add a single side scoop of any curry for just $1.25
Lamb Curry Plate$5.50
Chicken Curry Plate$5.50
Thandoori Chicken Plate (oven baked chicken)$5.50
Veggie Plate (your chioce of any 1 veggie curry served over rice with naan)$5.50
Half and Half Plate (your choice of any 2 curries served over rice with naan)$6.50
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