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Here you can see China Hut latest menu price updated list. If you need to know the China Hut menu price list before going to the restaurant or ordering any food online, you can easily view and check out the China Hut Restaurant menu price list here of your favorite food items.

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China Hut Menu Price For etc.

China Hut Appetizers Menu and Prices 2022
Egg Roll (1)$1.35
Fried Wonton (6)$1.95
Fried Wonton (12)$3.50
French Fries$2.95
Fried Chicken Wings (4)$3.25
Fried Chicken Wings (8)$5.25
Chicken Fingers (6)$4.50
Fantail Shrimp (4)$4.95
Barbecued Spare Ribs (3)$4.50
Barbecued Spare Ribs (6)$8.50
Chinese Roast Pork$5.50
Fried Dumplings (4)$3.25
Fried Dumplings (8)$5.25
Steamed Dumplings (4)$3.25
Steamed Dumplings (8)$5.25
Beef Teriyaki (3)$4.95
Beef Teriyaki (6)$6.95
Special 1/2 Fried Chicken (W/fried rice or french fries)$6.95
Chicken Wings (W/fried rice or french fries)$6.95
Chinese Biscuits (6)$2.95
Chinese Biscuits (12)$4.95
Krab Rangoon (6)$2.95
Krab Rangoon (12)$4.95
Shrimp Chips$3.50
Bo Bo Platter For (2) (Egg rolls, fantail shrimps, b-b-q ribs, beef teriyakis, chicken wings & krab rangoon)$9.95
China Hut Beef Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice hot & spicy upon request the degree of spice will be prepared as desired
Beef with Snow Pea Pods$9.50
Pepper Steak$9.50
Beef with Broccoli$9.50
Beef with Oyster Sauce$9.50
Beef with Chinese Vegetables$9.50
Mongolian Beef$9.95
Yu Shiang Beef$9.95
Hunan Beef$9.50
Curry Beef$9.50
Beef with Bean Sprouts$9.50
Beef w/String Beans$9.50
China Hut Chop Suey Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Chop Suey (Chicken or pork or vegetables)$7.25
Beef Chop Suey$7.95
Shrimp Chop Suey$7.95
Special Chop Suey$8.50
China Hut Chow Mei Fun Menu and Prices 2022
Pork Chow Mei Fun$8.95
Chicken Chow Mei Fun$8.95
Vegetable Chow Mei Fun$8.95
Shrimp Chow Mei Fun$9.95
House Special Chow Mei Fun$10.95
Singapore Chow Mei Fun$10.50
China Hut Chow Mein Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Chow Mein (Chicken or roast pork or veg)$6.75
Beef Chow Mein$6.95
Shrimp Chow Mein$7.75
Special Chow Mein$8.50
China Hut Combination Plates Menu and Prices 2022
Served with pork fried rice, eggroll, and your choice of wonton soup, egg drop soup, or soda
Pepper Steak$9.50
Moo Goo Gai Pan$8.50
Pork with Chinese Vegtables$8.50
Sweet & Sour Chicken$8.50
Sweet & Sour Pork$8.50
Chicken Chow Mein$8.50
Beef with Chinese Vegetables$9.50
Subgum Wonton$9.95
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$9.50
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$9.50
Barbecued Spare Ribs$8.95
Beef Broccoli$9.50
Chicken Broccoli$8.95
Ko Bo Chicken$8.95
Ko Bo Shrimp$9.50
Chicken Cashew Nut$8.95
Shrimp Cashew Nut$9.50
Shrimp Chow Mein$8.95
Beef Chow Mein$9.50
Shrimp Broccoli$9.50
General Tso's Chicken$9.50
Bourbon Chicken$9.50
Sesame Chicken$9.50
Orange Chicken$9.50
Honey Chicken$9.50
Shrimp Lo Mein$9.50
Chicken Lo Mein$8.50
Pork Lo Mein$8.50
Beef Lo Mein$9.50
Chicken Egg Foo Young$8.50
Pork Egg Foo Young$8.50
Beef Egg Foo Young$8.95
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$9.50
Subgum Egg Foo Young$9.50
China Hut Egg Foo Young Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Egg Foo Young (Pork or chicken or vegetables)$6.95
Beef Egg Foo Young$7.50
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$7.50
Subgum Egg Foo Young (Chicken, pork and shrimp)$7.95
China Hut Fried Rice Menu and Prices 2022
Fried Rice$4.50 - $6.50
Beef Fried Rice$4.95 - $6.95
Shrimp Fried Rice$4.95 - $6.95
Special Fried Rice (Chicken, pork and shrimp)$5.25 - $7.25
Egg Fried Rice$3.25 - $5.95
Seafood Fried Rice$9.95
China Hut House Specialties Menu and Prices 2022
All dinners served with steamed rice
Nest Of Sweet And Pungent (Crispy bird's nest with sweet and sour pork, chicken and shrimp)$10.95
Seafood Bird's Nest (Succulent lobster, shrimp and scallop sauteed with chinese vegetables and served in a crispy bird's nest)$14.95
Subgum Bird's Nest (Finest combination of sliced chicken, pork, beef and shrimp sauteed with chinese vegetables and served in a crispy bird's nest)$10.95
Seafood Sizzling Wor Bar (Lobster chunks, shrimp and scallops with chinese vegetables served on a sizzling platter)$14.95
Four Seasons (Combination of fresh shrimp, beef, chicken and roast pork stir fried with chinese vegetables)$10.95
Orange Beef (Crispy beef sauteed with orange peel in a sweet and spicy sauce)$9.95
General Tso's Chicken (Crispy chunks of chicken in a sweet and spicy sauce)$9.50
Honey Chicken (Breaded strips of chicken fried crispy and coated in sweet honey sauce with sesame)$9.50
Steak Kew (Cubed beef tenderloin stir fried with chinese vegetables)$15.95
House Steak (Broiled prime sirloin sliced in bite size pieces, served with mixed vegetables in hot platter)$15.95
Dragon & Phoenix (Chunks of lobster and chicken sauteed with snow pea pods, mushrooms, bok choy, waterchesnuts and broccoli)$14.95
Kong Bo Squid (Fresh squid sauteed with onion, scallion and bamboo shoots in a spicy sauce)$9.95
Sesame Chicken (Chunks of chicken stir fried in special spicy sauce coated with sesame)$9.50
China Hut Special (Chunks of lobster, shrimp, scallops, chicken, beef and roast pork stir fried with vegetables)$14.95
Happy Family (Fresh shrimp, scallop, chicken, pork, beef stir fried with chinese vegetables)$11.95
Orange Chicken (Crispy chicken sauteed with orange peel in a sweet and spicy sauce)$9.50
Pepper Chicken$8.50
Beef W/String Beans$9.50
Steam or Fried Fish (Whole) (Seasonal light and flaky whole tilapia) 
Steam Or Fried Fish (Fillet) (Light and flaky boneless tilapia)$14.95
Bourbon Chicken (Boneless chicken breast in sweet teriyaki sauce)$9.95
Crispy Shrimp (Lightly breaded shimp fried and seasoned with jalapeno slices)$12.95
Crispy Seafood (Lightly breaded fish, shrimp & calamari with yuca and red onion salsa)$13.95
Boneless Crispy Chicken (Chicken breast chunks marinated and fried with lime sauce on side)$8.95
China Hut Pan Fried Noodles Menu and Prices 2022
Pan Fried Noodles with Chicken$8.95
Pan Fried Noodles with Pork$8.95
Pan Fried Noodles with Beef$9.95
Pan Fried Noodles with Shrimp$9.95
Pan Fried Noodles with Seafood$14.95
House Special Pan Fried Noodles$10.95
China Hut Pork Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Sweet and Sour Pork$8.50
Moo Sui Pork (4 Pancakes)$8.95
Pork with Chinese Vegetables$8.50
Char Sui Ding$8.50
Roast Pork with Snow Pea Pods$8.50
Shredded Pork Szechuan$8.50
Double Fried Pork$8.50
Mo Po To Fu$7.95
Yu Shiang Pork$8.50
Roast Pork with Bean Sprouts$8.50
China Hut Poultry Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$8.50
Almond Chicken$8.50
Lemon Chicken$8.95
Hunan Chicken$8.50
Pepper Chicken$8.50
Chicken with Snow Pea Pods$8.50
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$8.50
Kung Bo Chicken$8.50
Curry Chicken$8.50
Wor Sui Duck$12.95
Lychee Duck$12.95
Roast Duck (Half)$11.95
Duck Shanghai Style$11.95
Peking Duck (Whole Duck)$27.95
China Hut Seafood Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$10.50
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$10.50
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$10.95
Kong Bo Shrimp$10.95
Sweet and Sour Shrimp$10.50
Imperial Shrimp in Red Sauce$12.95
Curry Shrimp$10.50
Shrimp Kew$10.95
Butterfly Shrimp$12.95
Lake Tung Ting Shrimp$10.50
Shrimp with Bean Sprouts$10.50
Shrimp & Chicken w/Vegetables$10.50
Shrimp with Snow Pea Pods$10.50
Shrimp Szechuan Style$10.95
Yu Shiang Scallops$11.95
Scallops & Chicken w/Vegetables$11.95
Shrimp with Broccoli$10.50
Sesame Shrimp$12.95
Almond Shrimp$10.95
Yu Shiang Shrimp$10.95
Scallop Szechuan Style$11.95
Lobster Cantonese Style 
Lobster with Garlic Sauce 
Lobster Cantonese Style 
Lobster with Red Sauce 
China Hut Soup Menu and Prices 2022
Wonton Soup$1.95
Egg Drop Soup$1.95
Chicken Rice Soup$1.95
Chinese Vegetables Soup$1.95
Hot & Sour Soup$2.95 - $5.95
Wor Wonton Soup$3.50 - $6.95
Chicken & Corn Soup$2.95 - $5.95
House Special Soup$3.50 - $5.95
Seafood Soup$9.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Arroz Menu and Prices 2022
Arroz Chaufa con Sam Sem Especial$8.50
Arroz con Pollo y Camaron$8.50
Arroz Chaufa con Pollo$7.50
Arroz Chaufa con Camaron$7.95
Arroz Chaufa con Pato$8.50
Arroz Chaufa con Chancho$7.50
Arroz Blanco cada Taza$1.40
Arroz Chaufa con Carne$7.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Caldos Menu and Prices 2022
Caldo de Gallina con Kion$2.95
Caldo de Gallina con Verdura$2.50
Caldo de Gallina con Tallarines$2.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Camarones Menu and Prices 2022
Camaron Saltado con Verdura$10.50
Camaron Revantado con Tomate$10.50
Camaron Revantado con Ostiones$10.50
Camaron con Tamarindo$10.50
Camaron Arrebozado$9.95
Camaron Saltado con Almendras$10.50
Camaron Saltado con Tausi$10.50
Camaron Saltado con Broccoli$10.50
Camaron con Champinones$10.50
Camaron con Fideos Chino$10.50
China Hut Spanish Menu - Carnes Menu and Prices 2022
Carne con Verdura$9.95
Carne con Pina$9.95
Carne con Fideos Chino$9.95
Carne con Champinones$9.95
Carne con Broccoli$9.95
Carne con Frijolito$9.50
Carne con Chapsuey$9.95
Carne con Tausi$9.95
Lomo Saltado$9.50
China Hut Spanish Menu - Chancho Menu and Prices 2022
Chancho con Pina$9.50
Chancho Asado con Chapsuy$9.50
Chancho Saltado con Frijolito$9.50
Chancho Asado con Asado Solo$9.50
Chancho Asado con Verduras$9.50
Chancho con Ajos$9.50
Chancho con Fideos Chino$9.50
Chancho con Champinones$9.50
Chancho Broccoli$9.50
China Hut Spanish Menu - Gallinas Menu and Prices 2022
Pollo con Fideos Chino$9.50
Pollo con Pina$9.50
Pollo con Alendra$9.50
Pollo con Tomate$9.50
Pollo con Salso Ostion$9.50
Pollo con Saldo Ajonjoli$9.50
Pollo con Verdura$9.50
Pollo sin Hueso Bistek$9.50
Pollo sin Hueso a Vapor$9.50
Pollo Tipacay Especial$10.95
Pollo Chicharron$9.50
Pollo con Tausi$9.50
Pollo con Curry$9.50
Pollo con Champinones$9.50
Pollo con Broccoli$9.50
China Hut Spanish Menu - Mariscos Menu and Prices 2022
Pescado a Vapor Entero 
Langosta Cantonesa 
Langosta y Tausi 
Calamar Fritos$10.95
Ceviche (Mixto)$13.95
Papa Huancaina$5.95
Pescado con Mensi$13.95
Pescado con Salso Ostion$13.95
Pescado con Verduras$13.95
Pescado con Tamarindo$13.95
Pescado Cinco Sabores$13.95
Pescado con Broccoli$13.95
Pescado con Fideos Chino$13.95
Pescado con Championes$13.95
Pescado con Ajos$13.95
Lomo de Pescado$12.95
Arroz Chaufa con Mariscos$10.95
Pescado a Vapor$13.95
Pescado Fritos Entero 
Pescado Fritos sin Espinas$13.95
Mariscos Saltado con Verduras$14.95
Pescado con Tausi$13.95
Ceviche de Pulpo$16.95
Ceviche de Pescado$11.95
Ceviche Pescado y Camarones$12.95
Ceviche de Camarones$12.95
Ceviche Pulpo Camarones y Calamar$14.95
Chicharron de Pescado$13.95
Pescado Laychy$13.95
Aji de Gallina con Papas$8.95
Aji de Gallina con Arroz$8.95
Lomo Saltado con Pollo$9.95
Bisteck de Pollo con Papas Fritas$10.95
Bisteck de carne con Papas Fritas$15.95
Yuca Fritas$4.50
Papas Fritas$2.95
Plataros Maduro$4.25
Plataros Verde$4.25
Chicharron Canco con Camote$10.95
Tallarines Verde con Bisteck de Pollo$11.95
Tallarines Verde con Bistek de Carne$13.95
Parihuela$4.25 - $9.50
Sopade Pescado$6.95 - $3.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Patos Menu and Prices 2022
Pato Asado con Pina$12.95
Pato Asado con Verdura$12.95
Pato Asado con Fideos Chino$12.95
Pato Asado con Ajos$12.95
Pato Asado con Champinones$12.95
Pato Asado con Broccoli$12.95
Broccoli Solo$7.50
Pato Asado con Frijolito$12.95
Pato Asado con Salso Ostion$12.95
Pato Asado con Ajonjoli$12.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Platos Especiales Menu and Prices 2022
Cam-Lou-Wantan (Fried wontons served atop roast pork, shrimp and chicken sauteed in a sweet red sauce)$8.95 - $11.95
Pato Asado$12.95
Pollo Enrollado$10.95
Pollo con Limon$9.95
Pollo Cinco Sabores$9.95
Pollo Chi-Jua-Kay$10.95
Salchicha China con Verdura$9.95
Costilla Asada$9.50
Costilla con Tamarindo$9.95
Camaron 7 Sabores$12.95
Calamar y Tausi$9.95
Nabo Encurtido$4.95
Inca Cola$1.40
Kola Ingles$1.70
Chica Morada$2.60
Cerveza-Crystal, Pilsen & Cusquena$3.95
Helados de lucu Ma$3.95
Helados de Maracuya$3.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Sopas Menu and Prices 2022
Moo Goo Gai Pan$8.50
Chicken with Broccoli$8.50
Sweet and Sour Chicken$8.50
Sopa de Paepow Especial$3.50
Sopa de Fuchifu$2.95
Sopa de Wantan$2.95
Sopa de Pato Especial$2.95
Sopa de Womin Especial$2.95
Wantan Frito$1.95 - $3.50
Sopera Chica de Wantan y Tallarines Especial$6.95
Sopera Familiar de Wantan y Tallarines Especial$11.95
Sopera Grande de Wantan y Tallarines Especial$13.95
China Hut Spanish Menu - Tallarines Menu and Prices 2022
Tallarines Saltados con Pollo y Camaron$11.95
Tallarines Saltados con Sam Si$11.95
Tallarines Saltados con Carne$10.95
Tallarines Saltados con Camaron$11.95
Tallarines Saltados con Pollo$9.95
Tallarines Saltados con Pato Asado$12.95
Tallarines con Chanco Asado$9.95
Tallarines con Pollo en Trozos$10.95
Tallarines Taypa$13.95
Tallarines Especial$11.95
Tallarines con Verdura$8.50
China Hut Spanish Menu - Tortillas Menu and Prices 2022
Tortillas de Camaron Reventado Especial$7.95
Tortillas de Camaron$7.95
Tortillas de Pollo$7.50
Tortillas de Pescado$7.95
Tortillas de Pato$8.95
Tortillas de Chancho Asado$7.25
Tortillas de Verduras$7.25
Huevo Frito Cada Uno$1.45
Tortillas Especial$8.95
China Hut Vegetarian Dishes Menu and Prices 2022
Dinner served with steamed rice
Buddha's Delight$7.50
Sauteed Broccoli$6.95
Subgum Vegetables Delight$6.95
Bean Curd Home Style$7.95
Sauteed String Beans$7.95