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Charleston's Restaurant
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Charleston's Restaurant Burgers & Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2022
Choice of smokehouse baked beans, french fries, creamy cole slaw or a cup of soup
Cheeseburger (Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickles, mayonnaise)$7.99
Hickory Burger (Canadian bacon, grated cheddar, onion, hickory sauce)$7.99
Burger (Monterey jack, lettuce, red onion, tomato, honey-mustard)$7.99
Monterey Chicken Sandwich (Jack, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, honey-mustard)$7.99
Prime Rib Sandwich (Slow Roasted, served on toasted french bread with au jus)$11.99
Charleston's Restaurant Chicken Entrees Menu and Prices 2022
Add a skewer of seasoned shrimp to any entree $5.99
The Original Chicken Tender Platter (Lightly fried, served with french fries and creamy cole slaw)$11.99
West End Chicken (Hardwood grilled, topped with sauteed mushrooms bacon and havarti cheese. Served with broccoli florets)$11.99
Chicken Piccata (Pan seared chicken, tossed with artichokes, asparagus, and tomatoes in a lemon caper butter sauce. Served with garlic mashed potatoes)$12.99
Oven Roasted Chicken (One-half herb-roasted chicken served with garlic mashed potatoes)$9.99
Santa Fe Lite Chicken (Topped with a fresh vegetable relish, served with daily vegetable)$9.99
Charleston's Restaurant Deli Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2022
Grilled Chicken and Avocado Club Sandwich (Seasoned chicken breast with avocado, bacon, tomato, sprouts, melted swiss, honey-mustard)$7.99
Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich (Smoked chicken, sauteed peppers, onions, bacon, havarti cheese, chipotlemayo)$7.99
Reuben Sandwich (Sliced corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, thousand island)$7.00
Charleston's Restaurant Prime Rib & Steaks Menu and Prices 2022
Prime Rib (Slow roasted, served with garlic mashed potatoes and house or caesar salad)$16.99 - $19.99
Top Sirloin (Hardwood grilled, with baked potato and house or caesar salad)$16.99
Hawaiian Top Sirloin (Marinated in pineapple and soy sauce, served with daily vegetable and house or caesar salad)$17.99
Filet (Hardwood grilled served with baked potato and house or caesar salad)$19.99 - $22.99
Charleston's Restaurant Salads Menu and Prices 2022
Champagne vinaigrette, bleu cheese, creamy garlic, herbal, vinaigrette, honey-mustard, ranch house or caesar salad to accompany your entree $2.99
House Salad (Mixed greens, croutons, bacon, tomato, egg)$4.99
Caesar Salad (Crisp romaine, croutons, parmesan and our caesar dressing)$4.99
Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad (Crisp romaine, parmesan cheese)$7.99
Walt's Champagne Chicken Salad (Mixed greens, pineapple, dates, feta strawberries, spiced pecans, sunflower seeds, croutons, champagne vinaigrette)$8.99
Chicken Club Salad (Crisp greens, lightly fried chicken tenders, bacon, egg, tomato, avocado, onion)$8.99
Smoked Chicken Spinach Salad (Penne pasta, crisp vegetables, roasted peppers, herbal vinaigrette)$8.99
Asian Chicken Salad (Mixed greens, almonds, sesame seeds, peanut dressing)$8.99
Soup and Salad (Served with a house or caesar salad)$7.99
Charleston's Restaurant Side Menu and Prices 2022
French Fries$1.99
Daily Vegetable$2.99
Smokehouse Beans$1.99
Seasoned Rice$1.99
Baked Potato$2.99
Creamy Cole Slaw$1.99
Sweet Glazed Carrots$2.99
Fried Okra$2.99
Burgundy Mushrooms$2.99
Garlic Mashed Potatoes$1.99
Charleston's Restaurant Soup Calendar Menu and Prices 2022
Baked Potato (Everyday)$3.59 - $3.99
Roasted Tomato (Monday)$3.59 - $3.99
Creamy Chicken & Noodle (Tuesday)$3.59 - $3.99
Moss Point Gumbo (Wednesday)$3.59 - $3.99
Tortilla (Thursday)$3.59 - $3.99
New England Clam Chowder (Friday)$3.59 - $3.99
Chef's Choice (Saturday)$3.59 - $3.99
Beef & Vegetable (Sunday)$3.59 - $3.99
Charleston's Restaurant Specialties & Fresh Fish Menu and Prices 2022
Chicken Fried Steak (Seasoned and hand-breaded, topped with homemade cream bravy and served with garlic mashed potatoes and sweet glazed carrots)$9.99
Grilled Pork Chops (Hardwood grilled, served with garlic mashed potatoes and smokehouse beans)$14.99
Barbeque Baby Back Ribs (Tender and meaty ribs served with smokehouse beans and french fries)$17.99
Citrus Shrimp (A skewer of seasoned gulf shrimp on a bed of rice, topped with fresh citrus and a grapefruit beurre blanc sauce. Served with a fresh vegetable medley)$11.99
Shrimp & Scallop Saute (Linguini with pesto sauce, roasted peppers and fresh asparagus)$13.99
Tilapia Pomodoro (Lightly seasoned tilapia on top of a full flavored tomato sauce. Served with fresh vegetables over angel hair pasta)$13.99
Short Smoked Salmon (Marinated, quickly smoked and finished on the grill with whole grain mustard sauce. Served with daily vegetable and house or caesar salad)$16.99
Fresh Fish (Grilled or blackened, served with seasoned rice, daily vegetable, and house or caesar salad) 
Charleston's Restaurant Starters Menu and Prices 2022
Salsa with Tortilla Chips$4.99
Queso with Tortilla Chips (Spicy mexican cheese)$5.99
Chicken Tenders (Fried Chicken tenders with honey-mustard and hickory sauce)$6.99
Cream Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Fresh spinach and artichoke hearts tossed in a parmesan cheese sauce, with fresh tortilla chips)$7.99
Shrimp Cargot (Shrimp simmered in herb garlic butter, topped with havarti cheese)$8.99
Mexican-Style Ceviche (Chunks of fresh cooked shrimp with tomatoes, avocados, jicama and lime juice)$9.99
Croissants (Five)$3.99
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