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Cafe Provence Cheese Selection Menu and Prices 2022
Blue - Fourme d Ambert (From avergne, the legend says that fourme d ambert was already made at the time of the druids and the gauls creamy blue cheese with a deoicate fruity flavor and mushroom, overtones with honey)$7.00 - $19.00
Goat - Bucheron (Made from pure goats milk. A native of the loire valley in france. Soft, creamy center and middly tangy, With kumquat jam)$7.00 - $19.00
Cow- Saint Andre (Made from 75% milk-fat, triple creme cows milk french cheese in a powdery white, bloomy skin of mold. Soft buttery texture, tangy edible rind, and tastes like an intense version of brie. Traditionall)$7.00 - $19.00
Cafe Provence Le Terroir Menu and Prices 2022
Grepe au poulet (Crepe filled with organic chicken and mushrooms served with farro risotto, haricot vert, and tarragon cream sauce)$13.00
Daube Provencale (Classic provence braised beef stew with carrots, onions and potatoes in a rich beef abd red wine sauce)$16.00
Escalopes de Veau aux Capres (Pan seared veal scaloppini, lemon butter caper sauce, tournee potato, haricot vert, carrot)$15.00
Quiche Lorraine (Ham, jambon de paris, onion, gruyere cheese and bacon quiche, haricot vert, carrot)$14.00
Cafe Provence Les Belles du Jardin Menu and Prices 2022
Salade Caesar (Romaine, anchovy, croutons, parmesan and caesar dressing Add Chicken $5.00. Add salmon $7.00)$9.00
Lendive au Bleu (Belgin endive, apple, walnut, blue cheese dressing)$9.00
Salade de Chevre Chaud (Warm goat cheese, assorted spring lettuces, tomato, concassee, and dijon vinaigrette)$11.00
La Salade de Poulet auy Curry (Curry Chicken salad, grapes, coconut, celery, walnut, mixed greens)$13.00
Salade Nicoise (Mixed greens, preserved tuna, haricot vert, olives, tomato, hardboiled egg, yukon potato and vinaigrette)$14.00
Cafe Provence Les Petits Plats Menu and Prices 2022
Moules Marinieres (Prince edward island blur mussels in white wine and onion)$12.00
Les Escargots de bourgone (Burgundy snails smothered in garlic and parsley butter)$13.00
Les Petits Tomate Farcis (Warm Compari tomatoes stuffed with boursin cheese, served with basil pesto, and field greens)$12.00
Saumon Fume (Smoked salmon roulade filled with salmon rillette served with cucumber and dill relish, salmon caviar)$13.00
Cafe Provence Les Soups Menu and Prices 2022
Soupe du Jour (Chef daniels daily soup selection)$6.00 - $8.00
Soupe al Oignon (Onion soup, crouton, bacon and gruyere in beef broth)$9.00
Cafe Provence Rivieres et Ocean Menu and Prices 2022
Saumon a Loseille (Pan seared salmon filet, sorrel butter, grilled spring vegetables, boursin, polenta, lemon beurre blanc)$15.00
Coquille Saint Jacques (Pan seared diver scallops, with mustard mushroom cream sauce, shallots, yukon potato, haricot vert, carrot)$16.00
Le Fletan Barigoule (Alaskan halibut, artichokes, ham onion, baby carrot, and tournee potato in white with artichoke broth)$17.00
Cafe Provence Sides Menu and Prices 2022
Gratin de Pomme de Terre (Daniels potato gratin)$6.00
Haricot Vert (French beans in butter)$6.00
Raddichio (Braised raddichio and apples with balsamic vinegar)$6.00
Chou Frise au Bechamel (Creamed kale with or without bacon)$6.00
Cafe Provence Snacks Menu and Prices 2022
All four above $19.00
Marcona Almonds Sel gris$5.00
Marinated Mixed Olives (Herbes de provence)$6.00
Dates, (Blue cheese bacon filled)$7.00
Pickled Vegetables (Seasonal Vegetables)$5.00
All four above$19.00
Cafe Provence Vegetal Menu and Prices 2022
Les Legumes du Jardin (Carrot, haricot vert, asparagus, boursin, spinach and beets wrapped in zucchini with beet reduction with a goat cheese white truffle flan)$15.00
Tarte Florentine (Spinach and sharp cheddar quiche, arugula salad, walnut, kumquat confit)$13.00
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