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Burma Tokyo Restaurant
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Burma Tokyo Restaurant Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Tempura Vegetable (Served with tempura sauce.)$5.99
Tempura Jumbo Tiger Shrimp (Served with tempura sauce.)$6.99
Seaweed Salad (Seaweed, sesame seed oil, chili and sesame seed marinated with special seasoning.)$4.99
Calamari Salad (Steam slice squid, bamboo shoot, carrots, fungus, burdock, sesame seeds, ginger and chili peppers seasoned with special dressing. Spicy.)$4.99
Steamed Edamame (Soybean. With sea salt.)$4.99
Samosa (Fried pastries stuffed with dice onion, carrot and potato.)$4.99
Summer Roll (Fresh spring roll. Carrot, cucumber, avocado, crab meat and shrimp, wrapped by rice paper. Served with sweet chili sauce and peanut sauce.)$6.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Desserts Menu and Prices 2021
Ice Cream$3.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
Mango Juice$2.99
Thai Ice Tea$3.99
Myanmar Ice Tea$3.99
Homemade Lime Juice$3.99
Homemade Yogurts Shake$3.99
Homemade Avocado Shake$3.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Fried Menu and Prices 2021
Fried Rice (Mix vegetable, onion, corn, fish sauce and choice of meat.)$7.49
Fried Yellow Noodles (Burmese style yellow noodles, vegetable and choice of meat.)$7.49
Fried Rice Noodles (Kyar zan kyaw. Thin rice noodles, vegetable and choice of meat.)$7.49
Fried Flat Noodles (Nyat kauk swe kyaw. Flat noodles, vegetable, choice of meat, egg and curry powder.)$7.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Grilled Selection Menu and Prices 2021
Grilled Selection
New York Strip Steak (6 oz. steak served with hibachi vegetable.)$10.99
Grilled Chicken (Grilled chicken breast with hibachi vegetable.)$7.99
Barbecue Chicken (Marinated chicken with hibachi vegetable.)$7.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Meal Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Meal Menu
Meal No. 1 (Eight pieces of California roll and four pieces of nigiri. Includes soup and seaweed salad or calamari salad.)$12.99
Meal No. 2 (Eight pieces of spicy roll and four pieces of nigiri. Includes soup and seaweed salad or calamari salad.)$13.99
Meal No 3 (Four pieces of fish roll, four pieces of rainbow roll and four pieces of nigiri. Includes soup and seaweed salad or calamari salad.)$15.99
Eel Special (Eight pieces of eel roll, four pieces of eel nigiri. Includes soup and seaweed salad or calamari salad.)$15.99
Sashimi Plate (Six pieces of sashimi and four pieces of rainbow roll. Includes soup and seaweed salad or calamari salad.)$14.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Soup Menu and Prices 2021
Miso Soup (Miso (soybean) paste and tofu.)$2.99
Green Onion Soup (Vegetable broth with green onion.)$2.99
Tom Yum Soup (Authentic Thai style. Tom yum, mushroom, cilantro, lemon grasses and chicken.)$3.99
Hin Gar Soup (Burmese style. Zucchini, garlic, onion and vegetable broth. Spicy.)$2.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Soup Bowl Menu and Prices 2021
Soup Bowl
Rice Noodle Soup (Made with chicken broth, shrimp ball, fish ball, egg, quill egg, mustard leaf, chicken ball, pork ball and rice noodles. Balls are Burmese homemade style.)$7.99
Udon Soup with Tempura (Udon, green onion and tempura plate.)$7.49
Special Tom Yum Soup (Tom yum, mushroom, tofu, coconut cream, lemon grass, galangal root, cilantro, seafood and chicken.)$7.49
Kyar San Hingar (Mandalay style, transparent bean noodles, dried bean curd, fish cake, black dried mushroom, lily flower, chicken and cilantro.)$7.99
Thi Saun Hin (Mix vegetable soup. Chick pea, potato, eggplant, green bean, zucchini, carrot, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower cook Myanmar style.)$7.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Specialties from Asia Menu and Prices 2021
Specialties from Asia
Myanmar Shan Tribe Noodle (Thin flat rice noodle, black soy bean, chili paste, grounded peanut, sesame seed, sour tofu paste, tomato sauce, cilantro, pickle, vegetable and chicken. Spicy.)$8.49
Noodle Salad (Nan gyi tot. Thick noodle, cabbage, boiled egg, onion and tomato base chicken.)$7.99
Fish Curry (Red snapper served with tomato and onion. Spicy.)$7.99
Shrimp Curry (Imported shrimp and potato with homemade curry paste.)$10.99
Thai Basil Leaf with Meat (Basil leaf, vegetable and meat. Spicy.)$7.99
Peppermint Leaf with Meat (Peppermint leaf, vegetable and meat.)$7.99
Korean Sauce with Meat (Choice of meat, vegetable and Korean spicy sauce.)$7.99
Coconut Cream with Chicken (Coconut cream, vegetable and chicken. Spicy.)$7.99
Eastern Style Biryani Rice (Basmati rice, chicken, dried raisin, cashew nut and homemade spice. Spicy.)$10.99
Malaysia Style Fried Rice (Malaysia spice, salted fish, vegetable and chicken. Spicy.)$7.99
Potato and Puttee (Roti, chicken, potato and samosa. Spicy.)$7.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Sushi Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Sushi Menu
12 Piece California Roll (Crab meat, cucumber and avocado.)$6.99
12 Piece Philly Roll (Avocado, cream cheese, cucumber and crab meat or smoked salmon.)$7.99
12 Piece Grilled Salmon Roll (Grilled salmon, cucumber, carrot and teriyaki sauce on the top.)$7.99
12 Piece Eel Roll (Barbecued fresh water eel, avocado, cucumber and teriyaki sauce on the top.)$7.99
12 Piece Masago Roll (Cucumber, avocado and crab meat, smoked salmon, eel, shrimp, tuna or salmon.)$8.99
16 Piece Light Roll$6.99
16 Piece Simple Roll (Tuna, salmon, eel, shrimp, smoked salmon or snapper.)$7.99
12 Piece Spicy Roll (Cucumber, spicy sauce and your choice of tuna, salmon, shrimp, snapper or yellowtail.)$7.99
12 Piece Vegetable Roll (Cucumber, avocado and carrot.)$6.99
12 Piece Chef Special Vegetable Roll (Asparagus, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber.)$6.99
2 Piece Hand Rolls (Cucumber, avocado and choice of seafood.)$7.99
Tuna Salad (Tuna with cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame seed and special sauce. Spicy.)$6.99
Salmon Salad (Salmon with cucumber, avocado, seaweed, sesame seed and special sauce. Spicy.)$6.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Sushi Specialties Menu and Prices 2021
Sushi Specialties
8 Piece Green Rolls (Your choice of roll and strip avocado cover outside.)$9.99
Rainbow Roll (California roll with tuna, salmon, shrimp and snapper cover outside.)$10.99
Tempura Roll (Shrimp tempura, cucumber and teriyaki sauce.)$9.99
Spider Roll (Soft shell crab tempura, cucumber and teriyaki sauce.)$10.00
Crunchy Shrimp Roll (Spicy shrimp with crispy tempura and masago.)$8.99
Crunchy Spicy Tempura Shrimp Roll (Tempura shrimp roll and tuna on the top with red chili sauce.)$10.99
Miso Roll (Choice of fish, cucumber, leaf lettuce, mayonnaise and onion with miso sauce.)$7.50
Dynamite Roll (Spicy California roll with tuna and salmon on the top, served with red chili sauce. Spicy.)$11.99
Hawaiian Roll (Choice of any spicy roll, avocado, roasted almond, spicy sauce, wasabi sauce and teriyaki sauce. Spicy.)$9.99
Pittsburgh Roll (Fish or crab meat, cucumber, avocado and tempura deep fried.)$11.99
Burma Roll (Blue crab, tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and avocado with teriyaki sauce.)$11.99
Tokyo Roll (Barbecue fresh water eel, avocado, cucumber, masago, teriyaki sauce and salmon or tuna on the top.)$11.99
6 Piece Nigiri Plate (Choice of fish laid on top of rice block.)$9.99
8 Piece Sashimi Plate (Choice of fish on top of vegetable.)$9.99
Kim Chi Roll (Crab meat, avocado, Kim chi, cucumber, tuna and salmon. Spicy.)$11.99
Salmon Special (With salmon salad. Four pieces of spicy salmon roll, four pieces of rainbow and four pieces of nigiri.)$16.99
Tuna Special (With tuna salad. Four pieces of spicy tuna roll, four pieces of rainbow and four pieces of nigiri.)$16.99
Berry Roll (Cucumber, avocado, strawberry, smoked fresh water eel, almond and honey.)$11.99
Burma Tokyo Restaurant Tofu and Vegetable Special Menu and Prices 2021
Tofu and Vegetable Special
Tofu Teriyaki (Pan fried tofu and teriyaki sauce.)$7.99
Akitashi Tofu and Hibachi Vegetable$7.99
Kaung Pond Kyaw (Mix vegetable with special sauce.)$7.99
Bamboo Shoot and Chick Pea (Small bamboo shoot cooked with chick pea.)$7.99
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