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Buck's Pizza
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Buck's Pizza Appetizers Menu and Prices 2022
Turkey Club (turkey bacon, ham, melted cheese, lettuce & tomato)$4.99 - $8.99
New Oven-Baked Hoagies$4.99 - $8.99
Italian (ham, hard salami, onion, melted cheese, green peppers, lettuce, tomato & Italian dressing)$4.99 - $8.99
CHS (cheddar, bacon & steak)$4.99 - $8.99
Turkey (sliced turkey breast, melted cheese, lettuce & tomato)$4.99 - $8.99
Baked Ham (ham, melted cheese, onion, lettuce & tomato)$4.99 - $8.99
Steak (real marinated chipped steak, mushrooms, onion and green pepper smothered in melted cheese with lettuce & tomato)$4.99 - $8.99
Buck's Pizza Breadsticks Menu and Prices 2022
12 pieces per order
Parmesan Breadstix (our classic breadstix layered with a light garlic butter parmesan and spices)$3.99
Cheesy Breadstix (our delicious parmesan breadstix topped with a layer of melted mozzarella cheese)$3.99
Cinnamon Stix (a sweet breadstix delight dusted with sugar cinnamon and sweet icing)$3.99
Buck's Pizza Cheese Menu and Prices 2022
whole milk mozzarella, cheddar, feta, parmesan
Cheese (whole milk mozzarella cheddar feta parmesan) 
Buck's Pizza Combo Deals Menu and Prices 2022
#1 Family Special
Family Special (one bucks gourmet pizza plus one 2-topping pizza)$16.99 - $23.99
Pizza & Stix (x-large 2 topping plus your choice of breadstix cheesestix or cinnamonstix)$14.99
Pizza & Wings (large 2 topping plus 10 wings choose from BBQ hot, Italian or plain)$15.99
Crowd Pleaser (2 large pizzas with 1 topping each plus cheesestix plus 10 wings plus 2 liter coke)$25.99
Buck's Pizza Crusts Menu and Prices 2022
Crusts (hand tossed, crispy thin, thick) 
Buck's Pizza Gourmet Pizzas Menu and Prices 2022
Margherita (our light garlic sauce with blended parmesan, sliced roma tomatoes, fresh basil & lot of mozzarella)$7.99 - $18.99
Greek (a light garlic butter sauce, mozzarella, black olives red onion, artichoke hearts, fresh roma to & feta cheese)$7.99 - $18.99
Chicken Club (a light garlic sauce with mozzarella, chunks of marinated chicken, Canadian bacon, red onion & real-bacon)$7.99 - $18.99
BBQ Chicken (tender chunks of chicken tossed in barbeque sauce with red onion, real bacon, mozzarella & aged cheddar)$7.99 - $18.99
Steak 'N' Cheese (light garlic sauce marinated steak, onion, green peppers, mushrooms & lots of mozzarella)$7.99 - $18.99
Chicken Alfredo (classic alfredo sauce with chicken, red onion smoked bacon & lots of mozzarella)$7.99 - $18.99
Spinach Alfredo (our creamy alfredo topped with spinach, sliced roma tomatoes, bacon & lots of mozzarella)$7.99 - $18.99
Four Cheese Medley (a tasty blend of cheddar, mozzarella parmesan & feta cheese. An exciting bold flavor!)$7.99 - $18.99
Buck's Pizza Gourmet Toppings Menu and Prices 2022
feta cheese, fajita chicken, artichoke hearts, marinated steak, fresh basil
Gourmet Toppings 
Buck's Pizza Half Price Pizza Menu and Prices 2022
buy any pizza at menu price, get 2nd pizza half price! Create your own pizza masterpiece
Extra Topping (2nd pizza half price!)$0.75 - $2.00
Cheese (2nd pizza half price!)$5.99 - $10.99
Cheese (2nd pzza hlf pice!)$5.99 - $10.99
One Topping (2nd pizza half price!)$6.74 - $12.99
Two Topping (2nd pizza half price!)$7.49 - $14.99
Three Topping (2nd pizza half price!)$8.24 - $16.99
Four Topping (2nd pizza half price!)$8.99 - $18.99
Buck's Pizza Hand-made Strombolis Menu and Prices 2022
hand tossed dough; 100% real cheese and premium toppings. We fold it, top it and bake it with our special seasonings
Buck's Deluxe (a combo of pepperoni, onion mushroom, sausage & green pepper)$6.99 - $15.99
Buck's Meaty (pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, smoked bacon & seasoned ground beef)$6.99 - $15.99
Vegi Delight (garden fresh delight with fresh mushroom onion, green pepper, ripe olives, green olives & roma tomato)$6.99 - $15.99
Steak (real marinated steak, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and lots of mozzarella)$6.99 - $15.99
CBS Cheddar (real Bacon and delicious marinated steak)$6.99 - $15.99
Pizza Stromboli (pizza sauce, mozzarella and up to 5 of your favorite pizza toppings)$6.99 - $15.99
Italian Stromboli (ham, hand salami, onion, green pepper & mozzarella)$6.99 - $15.99
Buck's Pizza Meats Menu and Prices 2022
pepperoni, Italian sausage, diced ham, real bacon seasoned beef, marinated chicken, Canadian bacon, marinated steak, anchovies
Buck's Pizza Salads Menu and Prices 2022
our large salad easily feeds 2 people
Fresh Garden Salad (our mix of fresh iceberg lettuce topped with roma tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers and bell pepper)$5.99
Chef Salad (imagine our fresh garden salad topped with diced ham and feathered cheddar cheese)$5.99
Buck's Pizza Sauces Menu and Prices 2022
Sauces (classic red pizza sauce, garlic butter white, barbeque creamy alfredo) 
Buck's Pizza Specialty Pizzas Menu and Prices 2022
Buck's Deluxe (a hearty combination of pepperoni, onion, mushroom, sausage & green pepper)$7.99 - $18.99
Buck's Five Meats (pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham smoked bacon & ground beef)$7.99 - $18.99
Vegi Delight (garden fresh delight with fresh mushroom onion, green pepper, ripe olives, green olives & roma tomato)$7.99 - $18.99
Bacon Cheeseburger (backyard grilled flavor of hamburger, bacon, loads of mozzarella & aged cheddar cheese)$7.99 - $18.99
Pepperoni Classic (America's favorite pizza with edge-to-edge layers of pepperoni topped with extra mozzarella)$7.99 - $18.99
Hawaiian Classic (a taste of the island with Canadian bacon, pineapple & lots of mozzarella)$7.99 - $18.99
Old World Pizza (our light garlic sauce topped with fresh roma tomatoes, real bacon & our special blend of cheese)$7.99 - $18.99
Buck's Pizza Veggies & Fruits Menu and Prices 2022
roma tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, onions, red onions, black olives, green olives, jalapenos, pineapple, green bell peppers, banana peppers, fresh basil, fresh spinach artichoke hearts
Veggies & Fruits 
Buck's Pizza Wings Menu and Prices 2022
world famous "la nova's" oven-baked wings. 10 pieces per order served with blue cheese
Hot Wings$6.99
Hickory BBQ (BBQ wings with that just-off-the grill flavor)$6.99
Spicy Italian (wings coated with spicy breadcrumbs)$6.99
Oven Roasted (wings baked to perfection)$6.99