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Brews N Bytes
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Brews N Bytes Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Battered Artichokes Hearts (With a pesto aioli)$6.99
Bella Fries (Portobello fries with chipotle dipping sauce.)$5.99
Cuban Corn Fritters (3 Peso-sized fritters. A nice hint of spice.)$4.09
Fried Cheese Tortellini (Served with marinara sauce)$4.99
Brews N Bytes Cold Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
Fountain Sodas (Coke, diet coke, sprite, cherry coke, ginger ale)$1.49
Traditional Black Iced Tea$1.49
Specialty Exotic Soft Drinks (Availability varies according to season.)$1.99
Brews N Bytes Not-Yo-Mama’s Grilled Cheese Menu and Prices 2021
Add a cup of soup to your panini or grilled cheese for $2.49 more. Add a side salad for $2.49. Add both for $3.99
Jalapeno-Popper-on-a-Bun (Sriracha cream cheese, cheddar & jalapenos.)$7.89
The Napoli (Provolone, tomato, onions and artichoke.)$7.59
Tramezzino (House tomato pesto with mozzarella and goat cheese.)$8.99
Americana (Apple preserves, apple slices, and cheddar on sourd ough bread for a mouth watering mix of sweet and savory.)$8.29
Figlio (Goat cheese and provolone with fig conserve and gri lled onions.)$9.39
Brews N Bytes Panini Menu and Prices 2021
Vegan Putini Panini (Home -made hummus, roasted veggies, diced olives, grilled onions sprinkled with our house vinaigrette.)$5.99
Pa-noo-noo’s Panini (Unique and delightful balsamic roasted vegetables with mild chevre cheese.)$7.59
P6 Perez’s Portobello Parsley Pecorino Pesto Panini (Portobello mushrooms with our special pesto, grilled onions & roasted peppers mozzarella.)$8.99
There’s a Tuna in Altoona Pa-Noo-Na (Amelange of white albacore tuna, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and grilled onions, adorned with provolone.)$8.99
Brews N Bytes Puffer Stuffers Menu and Prices 2021
Puff pastry filled with the selections below. Comes with a side salad.
St. Remy's Pillow Puffer (A cheddar and potato filling tucked in puff pas- try. It's like a giant pierogie)$9.99
Spinoza (Sauteed mushrooms & onions, chevre cheese & spices.)$10.79
Anaxagoras (Spinach, ricotta, mozzarella and a melange of spices.)$10.79
Oaxaca (Spicy chili pasilla sauteed shrimp and potat)$11.99
Brews N Bytes Quesadillas Menu and Prices 2021
Napoleon’s 3-Cheese Dang Quesa (Cheddar, colby-jack, and mozzarella.)$5.99
Pizzadilla (Two tortillas filled with cheddar-jack or mozzarell a cheese and your choice of veggie or not and baked to a melted per fection.)$6.99
Pardon My Dawn French (Portobellos, grilled onions, cheddar and chevre cheese)$8.19
Black Bean Adder (Grilled onions, black bean, cheddar and chevre cheese)$8.19
Sweet Little Thang (Sweet potato, grilled onions, cheddar & chevre cheese)$7.89
Brews N Bytes Quiche & Empanadas Menu and Prices 2021
Wedge of Quiche or Two Empanadas$6.49
Quiche or Two Empanadas and Small Side Salad$9.29
Quiche or Two Empanadas and a Cup of Soup$9.29
Quiche or Two Empanadas and Soup and Side Salad (For the complete appetite. Yum)$10.99
Brews N Bytes Salads Menu and Prices 2021
Tuscan Panzanella (Textured country style bread tossed with extra virg in olive oil and balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, red onions, garlic, olives, cucumbers, chick peas & feta. Add shrimp for $3.99 more)$10.39
Neptuna (Choice albacore tuna in a creamy homemade basil and lime dressing, served over mixed greens with tomatoes and sweet onions.)$9.79
BNB Blue (Mixed greens adorned with dried cranberries, red on ions, sautéed apples, & blue cheese with our balsamic vinaigrette.)$10.39
Lugosi (Grilled portabella mushrooms sauteed with roasted red peppers and sweet onions. Served over mixed greens with ranch dressing.)$9.79
Carribbean Shrimp (Mixed greens adorned with shrimp, onions, peppers, pineap-ple, black beans, & jalapenos-with a honey lemon cilantro dressing)$11.99
Kings & Peons (Crab cake and breaded shrimp adorned with tomato, a rtichoke, peppers & onions and dotted with with homemade pest o aioli dressing.)$13.29
Brews N Bytes Smoothies Menu and Prices 2021
Mango Peach Lassi (A smooth peach yogurt, mango juice and rose water smoothie.)$4.59
Soy Una Banana (Smoothie made with soy milk, bananas, strawberries or blueberries and organic sugar.)$4.69
Iced Chai Latte (BNB’s own special spice blend)$4.29
Fruity & Unique Smoothies (Taro, coconut, orange creamsicle, cotton candy green tea matcha. Topped with whipped.)$4.29
Mocha Smoothie (Mocha, no sugar mocha, cookies & creme, chocolate peppe rmint, chocolate peanut butter topped with whipped)$4.29
Brews N Bytes Soups Menu and Prices 2021
Tuesday: veggie lentil. Thursday: indian split-pea, wednesday: thai tomato. friday: bnb chili, saturday cuban black bean
Hearty Bowl of Soup 16 oz.$3.99
Cup of Soup 8 oz.$2.99
Brews N Bytes Specialty Exotic Soft Drink Menu and Prices 2021
Availability varies according to season.
Ironbeer (Cuban cola with a hint of island spice)$1.99
Coco Rico Coconut Soda (What would happen if coconut water met sprite on a puerto rican beach-front)$1.99
Materva Yerba Mate Soda (Invigorating herbal ale brew of south american origin.)$1.99
Jupina Pineapple Soda (Another cuban and floridian favorite. Sweet and tangy.)$1.99
Ginseng-Up (Light & smooth mildly spicy, golden, ginseng-flavored herbal soda.)$1.99
Brews N Bytes Stir Fry Menu and Prices 2021
Curry (In a hurry assorted asian veggies, tofu, thai chili paste, gin ger with a hint of coconut milk quite spicy)$10.29
South of the Border (Spicy chipotle shrimp, mushrooms, peppers, onion & zucchini over rice)$12.49
Thai Wan Over Rice (Black beans, tofu, chopped onions and peppers with rice and cheddar cheese doused in a green curry sauce.)$10.29
Brews N Bytes Warm Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
Coffee of the Day (Traditional american brew. To go 12 oz.)$1.49 - $1.79
Double Espresso (Have it cuban style with raw sugar already in it)$1.79
Cortadito (A long shot of espresso and frothed Steamed milk. A cuban favorite. 6 oz)$1.89
Cuban Cafe Con Latte (Cafe con leche aka cafe au lait aka latte. Call it what you may. Great espresso and steamed milk to taste)$2.99 - $3.49
Flavored Latte (Steamed milk with your choice of flavored syrup, espresso and frothed milk)$3.29 - $3.69
Capuccino (Steamed milk, espresso to taste and froth)$3.29 - $3.69
Vietnamese Sweet Coffee (Vietnamese espresso freshly brewed over sweetened condensed milk.)$2.99
World Class Mocha (Our chocolate is belgian dark. Our espresso from java and Yemen. Our milk from pennsylvania. Together, they make for an intense coffee experience.)$3.49 - $3.99
Brews N Bytes Wraps Menu and Prices 2021
Humina (Our homemade hummus, red peppers, olives, cu- cumbers, feta cheese with lettuce, greens, tomatoes and onions.)$6.89
X-treme Veggie-Burger (Veggie burger cut strips and sauteed w/ mushrooms in our BBQ sauce, lettuce, greens, tomatoes and onions)$8.19
Portabella Lugosi Wrap (Grilled portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions, greens, lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing.)$8.19
Neptuna (Albacore tuna in our delicious basil and lime dressing with greens, tomatoes and onions.)$8.19
Lisa's Breakfast (Portabella mushroom, red pepper, onion and cheddar cheese omelet with house salsa, all inside a wrap)$8.49
Spicy Shrimp Taco (Spicy sauteed shrimp in a bed of rice and melted cheddar- jack cheese.)$11.69
Thai Wan Over (A delicious mix of black beans, tofu, chopped onion s and peppers with rice and cheddar cheese doused in a green curry sauce)$8.49
Wayne's Sea World (Crab cake, breaded shrimp, artichokes, red peppers, lettuce, mixed greens, tomatoes, and onions with homemade pe sto aioli dressing)$12.49
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