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BODY of Santa Fe Adventurous Taste Buds Menu and Prices 2021
Add the following to any below: Grilled tofu $1.95, marinated tempeh $2.95, red bird farms chicken $3.95, alaskan wild salmon $4.95
Loco for Lemongrass Coco (Seasonal vegetables in a rich lemongrass ginger curry, choice of brown rice or rice noodles. Vegan, Gluten free)$11.95
Ginger Spice (Seasonal vegetables, mushrooms, spicy cashews, ginger sauce with a chili infusion, choice of brown rice or rice noodles. Vegan, Gluten free)$11.95
Peanut, I Love You (Seasonable vegetables, mushrooms, spicy peanuts, peanut thai sauce, choice of brown rice or rice noodles. Vegan, Gluten free)$11.95
BODY of Santa Fe Beverages Menu and Prices 2021
Fresh Pressed Ginger Tea$1.95
Espresso$1.95 - $2.95
Americano$2.50 - $3.50
Cappuccino or Latte$2.95 - $3.95
Mocha (Regular, mexican or with cayenne)$3.50 - $4.95
House Chai (Caffeine free, organic, non-sweetened)$3.25 - $4.25
Caffeinated with Black Tea$3.50 - $4.50
Hot Chocolate (Regular or with cayenne)$3.95 - $4.95
Black Iced Tea$2.55
Hibiscus Herbal Iced Tea$2.55
Fresh Lemonade (Lemon juice, honey, filtered water)$2.95
Fresh Ginger Lemonade$3.50
Arnold Palmer (Fresh lemonade, iced tea)$2.95
Bottled Waters 
BODY of Santa Fe Elixirs Menu and Prices 2021
Sparkling Cleanse (Gerolsteiner, apple cider vinegar, ginger juice, lemon juice, stevia)$3.95
Master Cleanse (Maple syrup, lemon juice, ginger juice, cayenne pepper)$4.95
Alchemy (Create a delicious blend from: apple, beet, cabbage, carrot, celery, ginger, kale, lemon, parsley, cucumber)$4.95
Quencher (Beet, carrot, lemon, ginger)$5.95 - $6.95
Garden Cleanse (Jalapeno pepper, garlic juice, kale, spinach, parsley, tomatoes, carrot, lemon juice)$5.95 - $6.95
Sunrise (Orange, apple, carrot, beet, lemon juice, ginger juice)$5.95 - $6.95
Green Power (Kale, cucumber, celery, apple, ginger juice, lemon juice)$6.95 - $7.95
Young Whole Coconut$4.25
Coconut Water$4.25
BODY of Santa Fe Fresh and Raw Menu and Prices 2021
Raw Enchiladas (Green cabbage, red bell pepper, corn, red onion, new mexico red chile sauce, cashew sour cream, bell pepper wrap. Raw, vegan, gluten free)$12.95
Raw Pizza (zucchini sunflower crust, sun-dried tomato marinara, olives, cashew nut cheese, basil pesto, with fresh greens & herb vinaigrette. Raw, vegan, gluten free)$12.95
Raw Nut Tuna Wrap (Filled with sunflower seeds, almonds, red onion, celery, tomatoes, avocado, kelp powder in a raw bell pepper & corn wrap, with fresh greens & herb vinaigrette. Raw, vegan, gluten free)$12.95
BODY of Santa Fe Gluten Free Desserts Menu and Prices 2021
Kakawa Confections (Please see our chocolate case for our full selection of assorted handmade chocolate treats) 
Coconut Flan (Dairy free)$5.25
Classic Carrot Cake (Cream cheese frosting)$5.25
Apple Crumb Pie (No crust, with oat & nut streusel topping)$5.25
Flourless Chocolate Torte (Ganache frosting)$5.25
BODY of Santa Fe Healthy Greens Menu and Prices 2021
Add hard boiled flying e ranch egg $1.95, grilled tofu $1.95, grilled tempeh $2.95, red bird farms chicken $3.95, alaskan wild grilled salmon $4.95
Blissful Body Salad (Blend of exotic mixed greens, carrots, avocado, sunflower-cashew nut croutons, beets, fresh herb vinaigrette. Vegan, gluten free)$6.95 - $10.95
Bonita Salad (Chopped romaine lettuce, black beans, fresh corn, jicama, cilantro, tomatoes, peas, red onions, red cabbage, avocado, corn tortilla strips, Tucumcari Farms sharp cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg, cila)$11.95
Soba Noodle Salad (butterleaf lettuce, buckwheat noodles, cucumber, carrots, red pepper, black radish, turnips, snow peas, green onion, spicy peanuts, tamari tofu cubes, ginger and toasted sesame dressing. Vegan, glute)$10.95
Paradise Salad (Butter and red leaf lettuce, avocado, cucumber, pickled onion, orange wedges, mix of coriander almonds, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, parsley citrus vinaigrette. Raw, vegan, gluten free)$10.95
Hail Caesar Salad (Romaine lettuce, kale, jicama, sunflower-cashew nut croutons, caramelized dried onions, shaved parmesan, caesar salad dressing tamari tofu cubes. gluten free)$10.95
Thai Spring Rolls (Basil, mint, carrot, jicama, exotic greens, peanut sauce. Vegan, gluten free)$9.95
Roots & Greens (Yams, steamed kale, grilled marinated tempeh, ginger sauce. Vegan, gluten free)$10.95
BODY of Santa Fe Hearty Fare Menu and Prices 2021
Grass Fed Goodness (Grass fed bison, pickled onion, tomato, tucumcari farms sharp cheddar, romaine lettuce, tomato, cilantro aioli on an ancient grain bun with curried potatoes)$12.95
Vegged Out (Grilled patty of beets, lentils and black beans, brown rice, pickled red onion and herb blend served with romaine lettuce, tomato, tucumcari farms sharp cheddar & cilantro aioli on an ancient grain b)$10.95
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (grilled red bird farms chicken breast, pickled onions, tucumcari farms jack cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro aioli on sourdough bread with curried potatoes)$11.95
Veggie & Jack Quesadilla (Spelt tortilla, tucumcari farms jack cheese, grilled seasnal veggies, sour cream, salsa, rice & beans of the day cashew sour cream. Red bird farms chicken add $3.95)$10.95
Shangri-La Tacos (Corn tortilla, jicama, cabbage sesame slaw, New Mexico red chile sauce, avocado, sour cream, salsa, rice & beans of the day cashew sour cream. Gluten free)$8.95 - $10.95
Tempeh$9.95 - $11.95
Red Bird Farms Chicken$10.95 - $12.95
Alaskan Wild Salmon$12.95 - $14.95
Collard Green Burrito (Brown rice, nut cheese, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, cilantro, sun dried tomatoes, sea salt, garlic, tamari, olive oil wrapped in a blanched collard green leaf served with ginger dipping sauce, with fr)$10.95
BODY of Santa Fe Juices Menu and Prices 2021
Apple Juice$2.95 - $3.95
Orange Juice$4.95 - $5.95
Carrot Juice$4.95 - $5.95
BODY of Santa Fe Kids Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Kiddo Spaghetti with Butter (With parmesan cheese)$4.95
Kiddo PB & J (Peanut butter and body mixed berry jam on whole wheat or sourdough bread or flour tortilla)$3.95
Kiddo Quesadilla (Jack cheese on spelt tortilla with steamed broccoli add tomato, avocado $1.00 each)$3.95
Kiddo Burger (4 oz bison patty, lettuce, tomato on a bun served with curried potatoes)$7.95
BODY of Santa Fe Raw Vegan Desserts Menu and Prices 2021
Raw Pumpkin Pie$5.25
Raw Ganache Torte (Almond hempseed crust)$5.95
Raw Carrot Ginger Layer Cake (Macadamia cashew frosting)$5.95
BODY of Santa Fe Sidekicks Menu and Prices 2021
Steamed Mixed Veggies$4.95
Steamed Spinach$4.95
Sliced Avocado$1.95 - $3.95
Chips and Salsa$5.95
Curried Potatoes (With creamy cashew dipping sauce)$4.95
Brown Rice$2.95 - $4.95
Beans$2.95 - $4.95
Steamed Kale$4.95
BODY of Santa Fe Smoothies Menu and Prices 2021
Banana Strawberry (Almond milk, banana, strawberries, dates, vanilla, cinnamon)$4.95
Berry (Mixed berries, bananas, dates, coconut milk)$5.95
Blueberry Mango (Banana, mango, blueberry, dates, coconut milk)$5.95
Choconana (Cacao, honey, banana, dates, almond milk)$5.95
Green Mango (Avocado, spinach, vitamin mineral green powder, mango, almond milk)$6.95
Kale Blueberry (Orange juice, banana, blueberries, kale, dates)$5.95
Mango Lassie (Coconut milk, banana, mango, dates, nutmeg)$5.95
Super Hero (Comes with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries mango, cacao, chlorella, hemp, goji berries, maca, vitamineral green, spirulina, chia seeds, bee pollen. Choose coconut water or apple juice)$10.95
BODY of Santa Fe Soups Menu and Prices 2021
Soup of the Day (Raw, gluten-free)$3.95 - $5.95
Raw Thai (Coconut, curry, lemongrass, shallots, cucumber, wild lime leaf, avocado, herbs. Raw, vegan, gluten-free)$3.95 - $5.95
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