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Blue Agave Cafe
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Blue Agave Cafe Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Queso Fundido (melted Mexican cheese with strips of poblano chile and warm soft corn tortillas)$4.95
Bruschetta a la Toscane (fried French bread with tuscan tomato salsa)$4.95
New Mexican Chicken Wings (with a chipotle honey mustard dip)$4.95
Brie Napoleon (thin crispy layers, topped with brie and papaya salsa)$4.95
Blue Agave Cafe Authentic Tortilla Soup Menu and Prices 2021
Authentic Tortilla Soup (chicken soup bowl served with an assortment of tortilla strips, diced avocado, onion, lime, cilantro, chipotle flakes, cremita and mozzarella cheese, a favorite)$5.95
Blue Agave Cafe Entrees Menu and Prices 2021
14 oz Grilled Rib Eye (served with sauteed rosemary potatoes and fresh vegetables)$15.95
Angel Hair Shrimp Pasta (in a creamy lobster, sauce, served with angel hair pasta and vegetables)$14.95
7 oz Grilled Pork Chops (served with straw fries and homemade apple sauce)$14.95
Wiener schnitzel au Poivre Rose (breaded pork cutlet sauteed in pink peppercorn lemon butter, served with angel hair pasta and vegetables)$12.95
8 oz Trout Amandine (grilled, topped with roasted almonds and lemon butter, served with coconut rice and vegetables)$12.95
Hot Sizzling Chicken or Beef Fajitas (atop tricolor grilled bell peppers and fried onions, served with beans, coconut rice and tomatillo salsa)$9.95
Pasta Primavera (fresh vegetables and tomatoes tossed with angel hair pasta, olive oil and parmesan)$8.95
New Mexico Portobello Quiche (green chile, cheddar and portobello mushroom quiche, served with rice and fresh seasonal fruits)$7.95
Deli Rueben (grilled rye bread, Swiss sauerkraut, corned beef, mustard and 1000 Island. Straw fries)$6.95
Southwestern Ham and Cheese (green chile, ham and Swiss cheese in a flaky pastry atop queso fundido. Straw fries)$6.95
6 oz Hamburger and Straw Fries (hand formed beef patty with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, mustard or mayonnaise, with green chile, mushroom, bacon and/or cheese add $0.75 each)$6.95
Flat Cheese Enchiladas (with chicken, beef or pork add $1.95, three flat corn tortillas with green or red chile and mozzarella cheese, served with beans and coconut rice)$5.95
Blue Agave Cafe Salads Menu and Prices 2021
with marinated chicken breast or grilled shrimps add $2.95
Baby Spinach (tender spinach with apples, honey roasted pecans and blue cheese, served with a honey and smoked bacon vinaigrette and pita tostadas)$3.95 - $5.25
Traditional Caesar (crisp Romaine lettuce with French bread croutons and grated parmesan tossed with our authentic homemade Caesar dressing)$3.50 - $4.95
House Gourmet Salad (assorted greens in a wonton shell, topped with house dressing)$3.50 - $4.95
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