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Big Food Express Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Pork Potstickers$2.95
Fried Wontons$2.95
Pork Egg Roll$1.50
Vegetarian Spring Rolls$2.95
Wonton Soup$3.95
Egg Drop Soup$3.95
Big Food Express Asian Dinners Menu and Prices 2021
substitute fried rice or lo mein for steamed rice on any combo $1.00 extra
Kung Pao (spicy chicken or beef with cashews, egg roll & choice of fried rice or lo mein)$8.95
Sweet & Sour (w/steamed rice & egg roll)$8.95
Ginger Chicken (grilled ginger-glazed chicken, vegetables, fried rice & egg roll)$8.95
Teriyaki Steak (6oz steak with vegetables, fried rice & egg roll)$10.95
Special Stir Fry Combo (fried rice, lo mein & egg roll)$8.95 - $9.95
Orange Chicken (breaded chicken in orange sauce with steamed rice & egg roll)$8.95
Egg Foo Young (chinese omelette w/fried rice & egg roll)$9.95
General Tso's Chicken (sweet & spicy breaded chicken with steamed rice & egg roll)$8.95
Sesame Chicken (breaded chicken in sweet sesame sauce w/fried rice & egg roll)$8.95
Golden Thai Curry (sweet & spicy yellow curry with steamed rice & chicken satay)$9.95
Peanut Noodles (sweet & spicy sauce on lo mein noodles with grilled chicken & chicken satay)$9.95
Green Thai Curry (Sweet & extra spicy green curry with chicken satay) 
Big Food Express Burgers * Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2021
all burgers served with choice of waffle fries, potato salad or onion rings
Bandido Burger (with green chile, grilled onion & swiss)$5.95
Old Fashion Burger (with mayo, mustard, ketchup, lettuce, tomato & american cheese)$5.95
Ranch Burger (with bacon, tomato, green chile, steak sauce & cheddar cheese)$7.95
Bigfoot Burger (with red roasted peppers, grilled onions, american cheese & sweet dill sauce)$6.00
Chupacabra Burger (with bacon, guacamole, letuce, tomato, cheddar cheese & salsa)$8.95
Yeti Burger (with grilled mushrooms, onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo & swiss cheese)$6.95
Godzilla Burger (double patty, american & swiss w/green chile, grilled onion, bacon)$9.95
Elephant Burger (double patty, american & swiss w/lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard & ketchup)$8.95
West Texas BBQ Burger (with west texas bbq sauce, grilled onion, melted swiss & side of horseradish)$7.95
Jackalope Burger (with jalapeno, grilled onion, Swiss & creme cheese)$7.95
Philly Steak Sandwich (with bell peppers, mushrooms, grilled onions, swiss & american)$6.95
Reuben Sandwich (corned beef on marble rye with sauerkraut, thousand island & swiss)$6.95
French Dip (roast beef & grilled onion on a french roll. served with au jus)$6.95
Greek Gyros (beef & lamb in a pita with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, hummus & sweet dill sauce)$7.95
Good Earth Burger (black bean & chipotle veggie burger with cheddar, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, mayo & salsa on the side)$8.95
Triple Decker Club Sandwich (turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American & Swiss cheese)$7.95
Mini Pizza (pizza for one with vinaigrette side salad)$5.95
Big Food Express Craft Beer Menu and Prices 2021
Lucky Buddha Beer$3.95
Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider$3.50
Not Your Father's Root Beer$3.95
Left Hand Milk Stout$3.50
Left Hand 400 lb Monkey IPA$3.50
Odell 90-shilling Red Ale$3.50
Odell Easy Street Wheat$3.50
Blue Moon$2.95
Alaskan Amber Ale$3.50
Seasonal Ale$3.50
Big Food Express Desserts Menu and Prices 2021
Key Lime Pie$4.50
Mocha Swirl Cheesecake$4.50
Ice Cream Scoop 
Big Food Express Family Combos Menu and Prices 2021
serves 4
Family Combo Basic (1 qt. chicken chow mein, 1 qt. fried rice, 1 pt. beef stir fry, 1 qt. lo mein, 4 egg rolls)$29.95
Family Combo Deluxe (1 qt. sweet & sour pork, 1 qt. fried rice. 1 qt. beef chow mein, 1 pt. kung pao chicken. 1 qt. lo mein, 4 egg rolls, 4 potstickers)$39.95
Big Food Express Imports Menu and Prices 2021
Negra Modelo (mexico)$2.95
Newcastle Brown Ale$2.95
Big Food Express Kid's Menu Menu and Prices 2021
served with waffle fries
Popcorn Chicken$3.95
Grilled Cheese$3.95
Kid's Burger$3.95
Big Food Express Lunch Specials 11-2 Daily $3.95 each Menu and Prices 2021
served with fries
Bandido Burger$3.95
Mini Catfish & Salad$3.95
Fried RIce & Egg Roll$3.95
Philly Steak Lite$3.95
Lo Mein & Egg Roll$3.95
Big Food Express Main Menu and Prices 2021
1.5 pint (serves 1)
Fried Rice$5.95 - $7.95
Lo Mein (stir fired soft noodles)$5.95 - $7.95
Chow Mein (w/steamed rice & crispy noodle)$5.95 - $7.95
Big Food Express Select Ales Menu and Prices 2021
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine Style Ale ((chico, ca) 9% abv. thick, malty, bittersweet, huge hops)$4.95
Stella Artois Draught (fresh draught)$3.95
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Triple Golden Ale (quebec) 9% abv. fruit, wild spice, malt & hops liquid gold)$5.95
Big Food Express Surf & Turf - Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Calamari Rings$4.95
Fried Shrimp$4.95
Clam Strips$4.95
Fried Oysters$5.95
Big Food Express Surf & Turf Meals Menu and Prices 2021
Juicy Sirloin Ranch Steak (with potato, herb bread & salad)$9.95
Butter Broiled Lobster Tail (with herb bread, salad, melted butter & choice of potato (add steak for $5.00 extra))$17.95
Arctic Snap & Eat Snow Crab Legs (1 lb. of crab legs with herb bread, side salad, melted butter & choice of potato (add steak for $5.00 extra))$19.95
Crab Cake Sandwich (with Swiss on an onion roll, lettuce, tomato, mayo & choice of potato)$6.95
Pacific Wild Salmon Filet (6 oz boneless grilled salmon filet with herb bread, salad & choice of potato)$9.95
Southern Fried Catfish (with hush puppies, okra, fries & side salad)$5.95
English Pub Fish & Chips (beer battered cod with hush puppies, fries & side salad)$7.95
Fantail Shrimp (6 golden fried big shrimp with herb bread, salad & choice of potato)$9.95
West Texas BBQ Ribs (3 meaty pork ribs with sweet & spicy Texas BBQ sauce, served with salad & choice of potato)$9.95
Atlantic Fish Sandwich (beer battered cod on a sub roll with lettuce, tomato, swiss & tartar)$5.95
Captain's Combo (crab cake, fried clams, beer battered cod, 3 fantail shrimp, hush puppies, fries & side salad)$13.95
Wharf Combo Supreme (2 cod strips, 3 fantail shrimp, crab cake, clams, calamari rings, oysters, fries & salad)$15.95
Fish & Shrimp (Cod, catfish, 4 fried shrimp, hush puppies, fries & side salad)$10.95
Big Food Express Wine Menu and Prices 2021
Chardonnay, White Zinfandel$2.95
Merlot, Cabernet$2.95
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