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Bella Sera
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Bella Sera Antipasti Menu and Prices 2021
Pinzimonio (Fresh vegetables in vinegrette dressing) 
Cipolline Sotto Aceto (Warm pickled onions) 
Carciofi Sott'Olio (Seasoned artichoke dish) 
Giardiniera (Pickled vegetable salad) 
Peperoni alla Griglia (Grilled bell peppers) 
Peperoncini al Tonno (Tuna stuffed hot peppers) 
Pimmaduori Siccati (Zesty sund dried tomatoes) 
Pomodori col Riso (Rice stuffed tomatoes) 
Polpi all'Aceto - Pickled Octopus 
Bella Sera Breads Menu and Prices 2021
Bruschetta (Fresh toasted bread drizzled with oil, herbs, and vegetables) 
Foccacia (Dimpled pita bread drizzled with oil and herbs) 
Grissini (Long, thin, spicey bread sticks) 
Bella Sera Desserts Menu and Prices 2021
Bavarese ala Frutta (Bavarian cream with fruit) 
Bonet (Rich ameretto and cocoa pudding) 
Cremolata Fruit Sorbet 
Mousse al Melone Cantelope Mousse 
Pesche Ripiene Stuffed Peaches 
La Crostata (Shortbread crust with fruit topping) 
Torta di Ricotta Tuscan cheesecake 
Amerretti Teneri Chewy Almond Cookies 
Bella Sera Main Dishes Menu and Prices 2021
Scampi ala Piastra (Grilled scampi with spiced rice) 
Seppie Coi Piselli (Cuttlefish with peas) 
Seppie Rippiene Stuffed Cuttlefish 
Merluzzo ala Vicentina (Cod fillets sauteed with onion and milk) 
Merluzzo in Umido (Cod stewed with wine, tomatoes, and black olives) 
Merluzzo Dorato (Fried cod with egg and lemon sauce) 
Bracioline Ripiene (Stuffed veal cutlets) 
Polpetine ala Griglia (Grilled meat balls) 
Pollo al Mattone (Grilled chicken and vegetables) 
Pollo in Bianco - Cream Chicken 
Bella Sera Pasta Menu and Prices 2021
Aglia e Olio (Pasta seasoned with olive oil, garlic, and red pepper) 
Fettuccini Alfredo (Pasta in creamy cheese sauce) 
Passatellin in Scoglio Sauce (Pasta in a creamy seafood sauce) 
Passatelli in Carbonara Sauce (Pasta in bacon and eggs sauce) 
Bascaiolla (Pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce) 
Pomarola (Pasta in a tuscan tomato sauce) 
Pimavera (Pasta in a garden vegetable sauce) 
Agnolotti Meat Stuffed Pasta 
Raviolli con la Ricotta Ricotta Stuffed Pasta 
Raviolli con la Zucca Squash Stuffed Pasta 
Tortelli di Patata Potato Stuffed Pasta 
Bella Sera Soups Menu and Prices 2021
Cacciucco - Spicey fFish Stew 
Acquacotta - Light Vegetable Soup 
Passatelli in Brodo - Noodle Soup 
Stracciatella - Egg Drop Soup 
Minestrone - Hearty Vegetable Soup 
Jota - Beans and Sauerkrau Soup 
Supa di Scigol - Creamy Onion Soup 
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