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Badlands Grill Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Badlands Potato Skins (cheddar cheese topped with crumbled bacon)$8.00
Poppers (green chili stuffed with our spicy cream cheese jalapeno mix and wrapped with bacon)$8.00
Calamari (Crispy hand breaded and served with Maranara.)$14.00
Badlands Buffalo Wings (12 buffalo wings served with a spicy buffalo ranch dressing)$9.00
Bbq Nachos (Fresh tortilla chips topped with shredded chicken, tomatoes, green chili, bbq sauce, jalapenos and green onions)$12.00
Home Made Cheese Sticks (Made in house lightly breaded and served with ranch dressing)$8.00
Apple wood bacon wrapped Shrimp Skewers (6 perfectly seasoned and grilled shrimp on skewers. served with our own honey bbq sauce)$12.00
Colossal Shrimp Cocktail (jumbo shrimp dressed to please in our own cocktail sauce)$10.00
Build Our Own Sample (choose a taste of any 3 appetizers)$28.00
Zucchini (Freshly breaded and served with ranch.)$8.00
Badlands Grill Badlands Wild Side Menu and Prices 2021
Buffalo Sirloin (ripasso. unique and delicious. lean and tender. (8 oz.))$
Elk Filet (sterling cabernet. rich in taste and texture. hickory smoked bacon wrapped filet. (8 oz.))$
Talapia (pan fried garnished with le)$24.00
Badlands Grill Burgers / Bbq Ribs / Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2021
all served with sweet potato fries, french fries on badlands chips
Badlands Blt (bacon. lettuce and tomato topped with new mexico's finest hatch green chili, served with black pepper mayo on toasted seven grain bread)$10.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (8oz. Grilled chicken breast with romaine lettuce all served on ciabatta bread)$12.00
French Dip (8oz. Sirloin thinly sliced on a ciabatta bread with au jus dipping sauce)$16.00
Bacon Cheddar Burger (Choice Ground meat topped with cheddar cheese and bacon. served with chips or french fries.)$12.00
Big Daddy Burger (our signature black angus burger stuffed with green chili and your choice of cheddar, blue or goat cheese. served with fresh cut potato chips topped with our house seasoning)$15.00
Bbq Ribs (seasoned with house rub and house bbq sauce. your choice of house chips or fries)$25.00 - $35.00
Fish Sandwich (Pan Seared Lemon Pepper Tilapia served on chabata bread with a citrus salsa.)$14.00
Badlands Grill Chicken And Chops Menu and Prices 2021
Chicken Cordon Gallup (chicken breast topped with green chili and mozzarella)$19.00
Smoked Pork Chops (superior flavor from white marble farms. pork chop has superior flavor with a light apple wood smoke.)$36.00
Badlands Grill Cocktails Menu and Prices 2021
wine based
Pomegranate Margarita$6.50
Badlands Grill Dessert Menu and Prices 2021
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake (delicious!)$9.00
Bananas Foster (the classic dessert flambed with brandy and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)$9.00
Chocolate Mousse (semi-sweet chocolate mousse topped with fresh whipped cream)$9.00
Creme Brulee (a silken custard topped with caramelized sugar)$9.00
Badlands Grill Domestic Beer Menu and Prices 2021
Bud Light$3.25
Coors Light$3.25
Badlands Grill Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
Coffee (regular, decaf)$1.80
Hot Tea Or Hot Cocoa$1.99
House Wine$5.50
Badlands Grill Dry Aged Steaks Menu and Prices 2021
all entrees served with a baked potato or garlic mashed, soup or salad. split plate $8 additional. includes soup or salad. crab legs or lobster to any meal (market price) - 1.5lbs of crab legs or 12 oz. lobster regular or coconut breaded
Badlands Sirloin (this sirloin is perfect for the smaller appetite)$25.00
Filet Mignon (melt in your mouth tender!!!!!!)$36.00
New York Strip (thick hand cut strip with excellent marbling)$30.00 - $36.00
The Black Dahlia (higher fat conten. black pepper crusted ribeye steak. served with a brandy cream sauce)$36.00 - $40.00
The Bandito (new york strip topped with roasted green chili. mozzarella and cheddar cheese)$30.00 - $36.00
T-bone Steak (black angus at its best)$45.00
Surf And Turf (8 oz. filet mignon and choice of 1.5lbs king crab legs or 12 oz. lobster tail)$
Badlands Grill Fish Menu and Prices 2021
Fish And Chips (2-4 oz. cod filets in our fresh batter with our home made chips)$21.00
Salmon 3 Ways (cavit pinot grigio. orange citrus butter sauce; blackened and grilled; butter and brown sugar glaze. your choice of mashed or baked potato)$21.00
Yellowfin Tuna 2 Ways (grilled and blackened served with asparagus or sesame coated and seared to perfection served with wasabi mashed and ginger cream)$26.00
Shrimp & Steak (6 jumbo shrimp fried or sauteed and an 8 oz. badlands sirloin)$35.00
Lobster (grilled, coconut breaded or butter poached. house favorite! with seasonal vegetable)$28.00 - $38.00
Badlands Grill Mixed Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
wine based
Rum And Coke$6.50
Badlands Lemonade$6.50
Badlands Grill Pasta Menu and Prices 2021
Pasta Your Way (bardolino chiaretto d.o.c. penne pasta served with alfredo or badlands marinara)$14.00
Seasonal Vegetable Alfredo (penne pasta served with alfredo or badlands marinara)$14.00
Badlands Grill Pasta - Toppers And Additional Sides Menu and Prices 2021
Loaded Baker (2 cheese, green chili and bacon)$4.00
Ghost Chili (hottest in the world)$4.00
Badlands Grill Pasta - Toppers And Additional Sides - Sides Menu and Prices 2021
Truffle Mac And Cheese$5.00
Grilled Asparagus$5.00
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables$5.00
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes$5.00
Badlands Grill Pasta - Toppers And Additional Sides - Steak Toppers Menu and Prices 2021
Roasted Green Chili$4.00
Black Garlic Mushrooms$4.00
Caramelized Onions$4.00
Green Chili, Cheddar And Bacon$4.00
Badlands Grill Premium Beer Menu and Prices 2021
Corona And Corona Light$3.75
Samuel Adams$3.75
Rolling Rock$3.75
Michelob Amberbock$3.75
Guinness Draught$3.75
Blue Moon$3.75
Dos Equis (amber and lager)$3.75
Badlands Grill Salads Menu and Prices 2021
Add steak or grilled chicken to any salad. steak - $8 extra, grilled chicken - $7 extra
Classic Caesar (spears of romaine lettuce tossed with fresh caesar dressing adorned with shaved parmesan romano and homemade croutons. topped with badlands fried onions)$9.00
The Cobb (romaine lettuce, with diced tomatoes, crumbled bacon, danish blue cheese crumbles and your choice of dressing)$10.00
Badlands Grill Senior Menu and Prices 2021
Pasta Your Way (penne pasta served with badlands marinara sauce or green chili alfredo. your choice of soup or salad)$12.00
Chicken Cordon Gallup (chicken breast topped with green chili and mozzarella cheese. your choice of soup or salad)$19.00
Filet Mignon (served with baked potato. your choice of soup or salad)$32.00
Badlands Grill Soft Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
Diet Pepsi$2.50
Dr. Pepper$2.50
Sierra Mist$2.50
Iced Tea$2.50
Regular Tea$2.50
Sweet Tea$2.50
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