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All Day Diner
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All Day Diner Menu Price For etc.

All Day Diner Breakfast Platter Menu and Prices 2021
Served With Toast & Home Fries Or Grits
11. Two Eggs (any style)$3.25
12. With Bacon Or Sausage Or Scrapple Or Ham$4.50
13. With Turkey Or Beef Meat$4.95
14. With Fresh Fish Or Flounder$6.45
15. With Steak$6.95
16. With Pork Bacon & Fruit Salad$4.95
All Day Diner Breakfast Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2021
22. Egg$1.75
23. Egg & Cheese$2.00
24. Pork Meat & Egg$2.75
25. Turkey Or Beef & Egg$2.95
26. BLT (with pork meat)$2.80
27. BLT (with turkey or beef)$3.25
All Day Diner Burgers Menu and Prices 2021
With Lettuce, Tomato & French Fries
78. Hamburger$2.60
79. Cheese Burger$3.25
80. Bacon Cheese Burger$4.00
81. Turkey Or Beef Bacon Cheese Burger$4.25
82. Cheese Burger Deluxe (with lettuce, tomato & french fries)$4.50
All Day Diner Drinks Menu and Prices 2021
Hot (ice tea) 
All Day Diner Fruits Menu and Prices 2021
Fresh Fruit Salad (water melon, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberry, grape, pineapple, orange, banana)$8.00 - $3.50
Fresh Fruit Smoothies$3.00 - $4.00
Fresh Fruit Smoothies (with a scoop of premium protein)$1.00
All Day Diner Hoagies Menu and Prices 2021
Free Can Soda Extra Meat Add $3.50, Extra Cheese Add $0.75.
72. Turkey Hoagie$5.50
73. Ham Hoagie$5.50
74. Italian Hoagie$5.50
75. Tuna Hoagie$5.50
76. Cheese Steak Hoagie$5.95
77. Flounder Hoagie$6.45
All Day Diner Hot From The Grill Menu and Prices 2021
34. Grill Cheese$2.00
35. With Pork Meat$3.50
36. With Turkey Or Beef$4.00
All Day Diner Omelettes Menu and Prices 2021
Served With Toast & Home Fries Or Grits
17. Plain$4.25
18. Cheese$4.75
19. Pork Meat & Cheese$5.50
20. Turkey Or Beef & Cheese$6.00
21. Western (onion, pepper & ham)$6.00
All Day Diner Pan Cake Or French Toast Platter Menu and Prices 2021
28. Short Stack$2.50
29. Three Stack$3.00
30. With 2 Eggs$4.25
32. With 2 Eggs & Pork Meat$5.95
33. With 2 Eggs & Streak$7.00
All Day Diner Sea Foods Menu and Prices 2021
58. Fresh Breaded Flounder$3.95
59. Shrimp In The Basket$3.75
60. Seafood Salad$3.00
61. Fish Sticks$2.95
62. Crab Sticks Or Scallops$8.25 - $2.55
All Day Diner Side Orders Menu and Prices 2021
37. Home Fries$1.75
38. Grits$1.75
38. French Fries$1.75
40. Toast$0.60
41. Corn Muffins$1.50
42. One Egg$1.00
43. Pork Meat$2.00
44. Turkey Or Beef Meat$2.50
45. Cheese Added (sandwich)$0.30
46. Cheese Added (platter)$0.50
All Day Diner Small Bites Menu and Prices 2021
47. Candied Yams$2.25
48. Macaroni & Cheese$1.75
49. Macaroni & Salad$1.75
50. Collard Greens$1.75
51. French Fries$1.75
52. Coal Slaw$1.55
Fried Chicken Wings$10.00 - $7.65
All Day Diner Soups $3.95 Menu and Prices 2021
63. Clam Chowder 
64. Chicken Noodle Soup 
65. Cream Of Potato 
66. Vegetable Beef 
All Day Diner Special Platters Menu and Prices 2021
53. Cheese Steak (with french fries & can soda)$6.95
54. Flounder (with macaroni cheese & collard greens & bread)$7.00
55. French Fries & Coal Slow & Can Soda (with shrimp in the basket, or flounder, or 4 wings)$5.95
56. Six Wings (with corn & collard green & bread)$7.45
57. Cheese Burger (with french fries & can soda)$5.50
All Day Diner Steaks Menu and Prices 2021
Free Can Soda Extra Meat Add $3.50, Extra Cheese Add $0.75.
67. Plain Steaks$5.00
68. Cheese Steaks$5.50
69. Mushroom Cheese Steak$6.00
60. Pepper Cheese Steak$5.50
71. Chicken Cheese Steak$5.95
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