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Alhambra Cafe Appetizers Menu and Prices 2021
Served With Freshly Baked Pita Bread
Humous (home made)$5.50
Baba Ganouj (home made)$5.50
Stuffed Grape Leaves (home made)$5.50
Taboulie (parsley, lemons, olive oil, tomato, red onion, cucumber and bulgar wheat . made to order)$6.50
Alhambra Cafe Coffees Menu and Prices 2021
All Espresso Drinks Are Double Shots. (Decaffeinated Available Upon Request) If You Are Satisfied With Our Coffee, We Are Proud To Announce We Offer Our Highest Of Quality Alhambra Coffee Bean For Take Home At $14.99/lb.
Espresso (the essence of coffee,jolting, sultry, flavorful)$2.50
Macchiato (the same as above with foam. For aficionados only)$2.75
Cappuccino (espresso with a dollop of steam milk, all the jolt, sultriness and flavor without the edge)$3.50
Americano (espresso with extra hot water for Americans on a European vacation)$2.75
Latte (espresso with lots of steam milk, comforting, warm and inspiring)$3.75
Mochaccino (espresso, milk and cocoa syrup, as sweet and satisfying as dessert)$4.25
Turkish Coffee (boiled with cardamom and sweetener, black as coal, sweet as love)$2.95
Drip Coffee (otherwise known as regular black coffee, as good as regular can be)$2.00
Fresh Hot Chocolate (100% hot steamed milk and belgium cocoa)$3.75
Hot Apple Cider (sure to warm you up)$2.75
Sahalab (a traditional egyptian drink derived from the dried powdered root of the early purple orchid. topped off with steam milk and cinnamon. made to order)$4.75
Alhambra Cafe Cold Refreshments Menu and Prices 2021
All Specialty Drinks Are Available Iced
Creamy Espresso Smoothie$4.75
Chocolate Smoothie$4.75
Mochaccino Smoothie$4.75
Fresh Fruit Smoothie$4.75
Guava, Mango, Pomegranate, Fruit Cocktail Juice$4.75
Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade$4.75
Iced Coffee or Tea Regular$2.00
Alhambra Cafe Desserts Menu and Prices 2021
Our Homemade Special Tiramisu (a must have, heaven in your mouth)$5.75
Baklava (a slice)$2.00
Alhambra Cafe House Specialty Menu and Prices 2021
Spanish Omelet (made to order)$6.75
Daily Soup (home made everyday)$5.75
Alhambra Cafe Salads $7.75 Menu and Prices 2021
Drizzled With Our Mouth-Watering Lemon & Garlic Olive Oil Dressing And Dashed With Herbs And Spices
Greek Salad (lots of fresh red onions, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, tomato, feta cheese and olives, homemade balsamic vinegar) 
Tuna Salad (white albacore tuna tossed with mayo-vinegrette and seasonal veggies and greens) 
Alhambra Cafe Sandwiches Menu and Prices 2021
Served With Tossed Veggies, Lemons, Garlic And Olive Oil Dressing Rolled In Freshly Baked Pita
Falafel (with tahini. made fresh to order drizzled with sesame tahini sauce and lemon)$7.50
Vegan Humous Or Baba (rolled with a generous serving of veggies, herbs, and spices)$6.25
Norwegian Smoked Salmon (smoked salmon with mayo-vinegarette, and fresh veggies)$7.75
Armenian Pastrami (mayo or humous, vinegarette and fresh veggies)$7.75
Roasted Chicken (with swiss or feta, garlic dressing, fresh sliced tomatoes, mayo)$6.95
Tuna Salad (white albacore tuna with mayo-vinegrette, herbs and spices)$6.95
Grilled Cheese (fresh sliced tomato garlic and olive oil)$4.75
Alhambra Cafe Teas Menu and Prices 2021
Spicy Chai Tea (House Special) (made from scratch. the best you'll ever have)$4.75
Herbal or Black (hot or iced)$2.00
Korean Ginseng Tea (don't worry it's neither from the North, nor for men only)$2.00
Loose Sage or Chamomile Tea (great for stomach ailments and relaxing, made with tlc, yummy for your tummy like mum used to make.)$2.75
Fresh Ginger Tea (with Korean Ginseng and Honey, made to order)$4.75
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