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Ace BBQ American Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Served with 3 sides: baked beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw.
Beef Briskett (Slowy smoked for a minimum of 12 hours, a texas bbq favorite.)$12.95
BBQ Pork Ribs (Smoked slowly, finished off with a homemade sauce.)$10.95
Baby Back Ribs ((1/2 Rack with 2 sides, full rack with 3 side))$15.95 - $25.99
BBQ Chicken (Smoked chicken, moist and juicy, smothered in bbq sauce.)$10.95
BBQ Beef Ribs (West coast style ribs, covered in bbq sauce, served fresh off the grill.)$13.95
New York Steak (Broiled ny steak, grill cooked to perfection.)$15.95
Briskett & Beef Ribs Combo (Great combo to order any day!.)$14.95
Bbq Pork Ribs & BBQ Chicken Combo (Perfect chicken and ribs staisfying anyone's taste buds.)$12.50
Ace BBQ Drink Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Drink Menu (Pepsi, sierra mist, roob beer, diet pepsi, my dew, iced tea & lemonade (2 free refills).)$1.75
Warm Drinks (Coffee, tea, hot chocolate no free refills for milk & hot chocolate.)$1.75
Ace BBQ Japanese Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Chichken Katsu (Chick fillet bredded and deep-fried tell golden brown topped with special sauce.)$11.95
Yakisoba (Traditional japanese noodles stir-fried with vegetables, and choice of chicken of beef (beef & shrimp add $0.75))$7.95
Chicken Teriyaki (Boneless chicken broiled with homeade teriyaki sauce.)$10.95
Ace BBQ Koren Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Served with 3 sides: rice, vegetables, potsticker, or salad (side dishes- $1.75 each).
Pork Ribs (Seasoned in homemade sauce hot and spicy sauce.)$10.95
Beef Bulgoki (Thin strips of beef marinated in special sauce of minimum 24 hours.)$12.95
Koren Chicken (Chicken fillets marinated slowly locking the juicy flavor.)$10.95
Kalbi Ribs (Beef ribs sliced across marinated then served.)$13.95
Fried Rice (Asian classic. your choice of chicken, beef, or pork, stir fried with vegetables (beef & shrimp add $0.75 ).)$8.50
Pork Ribs & Korean Chicken Combo (Combo of the most perfect ribs and juicy.)$12.50
Pork Bulgoki (Marinated in homemade hot & spicy sauce.)$11.95
Bulgoki & Kalbi (All combination you call.)$14.95
Ace BBQ Sandwiches With Fries Menu Menu and Prices 2021
Cheese Steak (Philly style with cheese thin strips of beef marinated.)$6.75
Smoked Chicken Quesadilla (Tortillas filled with monterey jack cheese light browend.)$6.25
BBQ Pork Sandwich (Smoked pork smothered in bbq sauce.)$5.95
BBQ Chicken Sandwich (Plump juicy checken fillet grilled smothered in bbq sauce.)$5.75
Briskett Sandwich (Slow smoked at least 12 hours texas bbq favotire.)$6.75
BBQ Pork Burrito ((Beef burrito - $1.00 add) 2 flour tortillas filled with juicy pork roast, wrapped (w/ cheese add $0.75).)$6.50
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